4 January 2021

We're open and ready for 2021!

Happy New Year!

We’re back and raring to go on the exciting journey awaiting us in 2021!

Traffi is ready and waiting to help you solve your hand protection challenges, we believe everyone deserves the best in hand protection. We don’t just sell gloves, we are your hand protection advisors, ready to help anytime, anywhere.

And we don’t stop there, Traffi offers toolbox talks, bespoke marketing, video content and much more ensuring we build a good relationship with, not only our customers, but also, our distributors.

We aren’t just another safety glove manufacturer; we are the originators of the colour coded safety glove system designed to make safety simple. We applied the principle of low, medium, and high to our cut-resistant work gloves and created the REDAMBERGREEN colour-coded system. By applying this simple principle, our work gloves have improved safety for hundreds of thousands of glove wearers around the world.


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