11 August 2022

Introducing the TD01 Sustain

Hey! Remember we promised big news? FINALLY, we can share it with you! Drum roll please. Introducing… the TD01 Sustain - yet another piece to our sustainability puzzle!

A carbon neutral, biodegradable, nitrile disposable glove. TD01 Sustain. And carbon neutral. Oh wait, we already said that! Honestly though, we can’t reiterate enough, because again, it’s another world’s first. If you’re looking to avoid CO2e emissions, this glove is pretty much made for you. A union almost as perfect as a hand in a glove!

We know what you’re thinking. ‘And? It’s just another of the hundreds, thousands, millions of disposable gloves in the world – how can yours be better?’ Well, let us tell you this. The majority of disposable gloves are made in China (who everyone knows are the world’s biggest greenhouse gas polluters), whereas our gloves are manufactured in the lush green valleys of Sri Lanka.


By partnering with manufacturers that share and uphold our values we can provide the best quality products with the lowest environmental impact. It’s literally the best of both worlds! We are the market leaders in sustainable hand protection, and we are always looking for ways to reduce our environmental impact – in other words, our carbon footprint. As soon as we calculated the TD01 carbon footprint, we looked for ways to minimise it as much as we physically could. The remaining unavoidable emissions were then either offset using carbon credits from verified schemes.

Being carbon neutral as a company allows us to deliver products right to your door with a net zero carbon footprint to the point of delivery. When we read that on a page we marvel again at the truth of the words! Knowing the carbon footprint of our products is the first step towards being sustainable; we can then prove how many KG CO2e you can avoid through using our products. For example, if you used TD01, you could avoid 25,000 KG CO2e for every 1,000 cases used. This is equivalent to the carbon sequestered by 25 trees that are 100 years old.

Partner with Traffi: Providing hand protection which doesn’t cost the earth.