16 April 2021

Meet Marcus Moodie

👋Meet Marcus Moodie

Marcus is part of Traffi's Client Relations team, and loves nothing more than offering companies solutions to their hand protection needs. With around 34 years of experience under his belt from being part of the PPE industry, there aren't many questions he doesn't have an answer to! He loves working at Traffi because we are “a brilliant, dynamic team who share the passion for delivering excellence at all levels and areas of the business. The business knows where it’s going and how it’s going to get there!” 

When Marcus isn’t solving hand protection issues, he can be found occupying his grandchildren, walking out in the Dorset countryside and coastline, or cooking up a nice BBQ in the back garden on a sunny afternoon.

His favourite Traffi glove “In over 30 years of working in the PPE sector, I have never found a glove so comfortable and versatile as the TG6240. Also, the TD04 is also challenging the rules of disposable gloves and is set to be a winner!” The TD04 surpasses all strength expectations and is also biodegradable (79% within 735 days)!

Looking to solve your hand protection challenges and meet your sustainability goals?