7 September 2022


What are you looking for? Flexible and sweat minimising gloves? Yeah? Wait - don’t go! 

We’re talking to you. Do you ever forgo wearing gloves because they get in your way, or because they’re too thick and unbreathable? We’ve noticed, and can now offer you a solution, an alternative. 

It has been brought to our attention time and again that workers performing intricate tasks struggle with hand protection, describing gloves as too ‘cumbersome’ and ‘restrictive’. The result of this is that the workers then begin removing their gloves so they can work more efficiently. With 70% of hand accidents occurring when gloves have been removed however, it’s not particularly efficient! Depending on the severity of the injury, the worker could be indisposed for days, weeks and even months, costing companies significant amounts of money. Not so efficient now hey? 

This is why we are bringing to you a brand-new edition to our LXT range – the Ultrafine collection! Hear this. These gloves are fine by name and fine by nature. The fact that the gloves are that much thinner and lighter than the original range means that they are literally made for high precision tasks. There is nothing cumbersome or restrictive about this selection because their 18 gauge plus yarn renders them wholly capable of any fiddly task. Needing to do some fine assembly? Try these. We think you’ll never look back. 

To accommodate those with both smaller and larger hands, we are introducing an additional size on either end of the scale! A size 5 and a size 12 will now be available in the Ultrafine range to ensure that they fit like a glove (no pun intended). 

Also, you know that moment when your hands are thoroughly clad in gloves, and you need to make an urgent phone call or send an urgent message? The mountain between you and the phone call seems so high and the mere thought of attempting to climb it saps your energy. What we mean is that the removal of a pair of gloves is a right pain, which is exactly why, with these thoughtfully designed gloves, you won’t need to remove them whilst on the job! Their touchscreen capabilities mean that you are able to make those urgent phone calls, send urgent messages or merely just handle a touchscreen device with ease - and all without removing your gloves! Try the Ultrafines, and work in comfort and happiness, and obviously, safety!  

P.S. There is one other thing we have to update you on. It’s important and it’ll save you future confusion so pay attention. There are a few changes to the colour/cut levels of this range. Traditionally the amber glove has a cut level B, but for this range it’s changing. The red glove is a cut level A, the amber glove is a cut level C, and the green glove is a cut level F. 

P.P.S. The TG1360 is now certified washable up to 10 times! This is great for you because it means they can be reused more, and as a result, are much more cost effective and reduce waste. The TG5360 and TG7360 are certified washable up to 5 times. 

P.P.P.S. They’re also carbon neutral. Couldn’t resist one last flex.