4 October 2022


These shiny new additions to the Traffi range are now live! Place them upon your precious hands, and you will be guaranteeing yourself protection from all those nasty chemicals. The TG1500 and the TG6500 are powerful allies to have on your side, and we recommend getting in with them before it’s too late! 

When thinking of chemical gloves, one would automatically picture one of the chemical danger symbols – the skull and crossbones, the flame or even the substance being poured onto a corroding hand – and these symbols truly reflect the dangers that come with chemical handling. Which is why, for your protection and because we care about you, we brought out these two entirely chemical-compatible gloves! 

The TG1500 is cut protection A and the TG6500 is cut protection D. Fair warning, don’t get them mixed up because it almost certainly won’t end well. The cut resistance makes a huge difference because, for example, some environments insist on a minimum of cut level C for their tasks, so the TG1500 wouldn’t be up to the minimum requirement and the TG6500 would be the only sufficient glove for the task. Then, when there are not situations such as these, the TG1500 would be the preferred option due to a higher dexterity and a cheaper price. 

Both gloves are designed specifically for use in chemical environments due to their ability to withstand chemicals and solvent handling in general. Their fully waterproof exteriors with NBR coatings allow for excellent grip in wet, dry and oily conditions – that’s literally all you could want in a chemical glove (nearly)! We understand that working with chemicals involves a lot of exposure to hazardous substances, and chemical gloves don’t usually tend to last particularly long in these instances, so we’ve taken them a step above and beyond. Both pairs of gloves have been given a double coating to give them an extended wear life, meaning that you can keep them on for that bit longer! It’s a no brainer, but it’s a great benefit for you because it’s very cost effective. 

With soft cotton liners and nitrile coatings, both pairs of gloves use a uniquely blended compound which gives them a good fit and strength in addition to the great permeation protection that they offer. 


Now we stumble across the standards and regulations of these gloves. Whilst this isn’t the most fascinating of information to process, it’s very necessary. Both the TG1500 and TG5600 conform to the EN 388:2016, EN 407:2020, EN 374-3 and EN 374-1:2016/TYPE A. Hopefully this gives you peace of mind as you near the end of this blog, and hopefully not so much peace that you fall asleep! 

If you have any questions, or need any help, our team are always on hand and happy to help!