20 January 2021

Meet Alf Martin

👋Meet Alf Martin…

Alf has been part of the Traffi family since 2015! He loves looking after his customers and colleagues and enjoys a collaborative environment, sharing ideas and passing on knowledge. As Business Development Director, his experience in Sales and Marketing come to the fore, and result in being a key part of his management style to the Business Development team. 

In his spare time you will find Alf volunteering with Greater Manchester Police, helping to support their Citizens in Policing Programs. If he’s not busy volunteering he enjoys spending family time with his wife and daughter and riding his Harley-Davidson!

We asked Alf what his favourite Traffi glove is: ‘Without doubt the TG6240! I believe this is the most technologically advanced glove on the market today. Oh, and did I mention that as part of our LXT range, it is also carbon neutral’.

‘My team are just my extended work family and we all share the common goal of wanting to reduce hand injuries’.

If you are looking to find out how you can reduce your hand injuries as well as carbon emissions, Alf is your man: