20 April 2022


You’ll never guess what? We’ve done it again! We’ve introduced yet another sustainable solution to protect your hands! This time we’re solving the issue of the (literally) never ending nitrile disposable.

A quick fact check: Did you know your traditional nitrile disposable glove takes over 100 years to biodegrade! Just think, if George V had used disposable nitrile gloves then disposed of them in a landfill, they would still be here today!

With millions of nitrile disposables piling up in landfill each year it’s about time someone addressed this problem once and for all. Enough said.

We bring to you TD04: a biodegradable nitrile disposable glove, which by the way, does not take over 100 years to biodegrade, but boasts 79% degradation within the first 735 days (according to ASTM D5526). Compare this to a standard nitrile glove with takes over 100 years to biodegrade and you can clearly see why this product is significantly better for our planet!

It’s very close fitting which is perfect for assembly of small parts and allows for more intricate tasks to be completed easily. As you can see it’s super stretchy and has excellent dexterity giving superior comfort for the wearer. The TD04 also features a textured glove surface which vastly increases the grip and allows for greater control when handling objects. It’s latex free, powder free and is product food approved to EN1186. Perfect for use in food manufacturing and preparation, janitorial & cleaning facilities management and a lot more!