12 January 2022

TG1900 Sustain rPET Biodegradable Glove

We've taken the next step and expanded our sustainable range! This is no ordinary glove. Plastic bottles keep finding their way into the ocean but guess what? We're recycling them and making them into gloves! Welcoming the TG1900 Sustain, our first rPET glove.

The TG1900 is a cut level A glove made from recycled water bottles reclaimed from the beaches and oceans, with one bottle used per pair. The sustainable benefits of this glove don't stop there! The TG1900 is also biodegradable, proving to be a much more environmentally friendly option. Alongside this, water consumption, energy usage and CO2 released during the production process are all significantly reduced. The TG1900 is Oeko-tex approved, meaning it is very skin friendly. The cotton content of the liner makes it feel like a second skin and is super soft and comfortable.



  • Uses rPET yarn created from recycled bottles which are collected from beaches, reducing pollution and protecting the environment.
  • 38.78% biodegradable in 60 days (EN5511)
  • Skin friendly and Oeko-tex approved
  • Second skin feel- incredibly soft and comfortable due to the cotton content in the liner
  • Hot contact resistant to 100 degrees C