18 July 2023


July is a well-loved time of year, but it would be reasonably safe to say that being under the unmerciful British sun when sporting clothes ill-suited to the conditions will never be a well-loved scenario. 

So how do we define 'summer gloves'? Take a look below at a couple of points that you need to look out for when choosing safety gloves for the summer months. 


When looking for hand protection to suit hot weather, some good coatings could be PU coatings (due to their thinness), coatings like Microfoam Nitrile LXT (which have a good level of breathability) or a single dip Natural Rubber coating (which has a certain level of breathability). PU coatings are thin (whilst not being breathable), so when paired with a thin, breathable liner, the duo can be a good glove for hot weather. The Microfoam Nitrile LXT has a good level of breathability due to its open pore structure and similarly, a Natural Rubber coating has a certain level of breathability with a single coat dip, so these can both be something to consider when making your choice.


There are two things to look out for when choosing safety gloves for summer. The gauge and the yarn composition. The yarn composition is important because depending on how the yarn is engineered, it can offer permeability, wicking, moisture management and more! The yarn composition has the ability to alter the look and feel of two gloves with the same gauge. For example, HPPE based liners help keep hands cool, so this is also something to potentially look out for. If you’re unsure what the gauge of a glove is, take a look at our blog, What Does the Gauge of a Glove Mean? Basically, the higher the gauge, the thinner the glove, and therefore, the more lightweight and breathable the glove is. For example, our LXT Ultrafine range are ultra fine by name and ultra fine by nature. They have a gauge of 18, the highest across our whole range, allowing for extra dexterity and flexibility.

But if the glove is thinner, I will get less protection...

Incorrect. The cut level can still be high on a thin glove, due to new and improved technologies. Take our TG7360, for example. With a cut level F but a gauge of 18, this glove is made with a liner containing steel and glass, both of which attribute to the high cut resistant qualities of this glove. Not to mention that the glove is made with yarn that has a triple wrapped core for extra protection from damage, ultimate comfort, and therefore resulting in a longer lasting glove. So, don’t be deceived; high cut resistance can be achieved at the same time as breathability!

Also, the colour of the liner can make a huge difference. Darker coloured gloves soak up the heat much more, so choosing safety gloves with a lighter liner is going to be a wiser choice in the hot weather.

Other ways to keep cool when working outdoors in the heat can include taking regular breaks and wearing PPE clothing that also keep your body cool.

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