9 March 2022


We've just made the blue disposable glove greener! Our TD02 Sustain is now fully certified carbon neutral, another world's first from Traffi! That means every time you use a TD02 instead of a traditional disposable glove, you’re giving the planet a helping hand. 


How was this achieved, we hear you ask? Traffi have been working with the Carbon Consulting Company and The Sustainable Future Group tirelessly to make this all possible. The journey begun with calculating the carbon footprint of the TD02 from 'cradle to gate', including the extraction of raw materials, upstream transport and manufacturing. We've then used offset credits from verified schemes, with the help of the Carbon Consulting Company, to offset our carbon emissions. As Traffi is carbon neutral operationally, this allows us to deliver the TD02 right into your hands with a net zero carbon footprint!

The benefits don't stop there! Take a look below to discover the 5 reasons why the TD02 Sustain is the most sustainable disposable glove in the world.:

1. It's the World's First Carbon Neutral Disposable Glove! It's certified as a ZeroCarbon product by The Sustainable Future Group.

2. It requires 85% less energy to produce than a traditional disposable glove! Traditional disposable gloves are manufactured using synthetic rubber, the production of which has a massive adverse environmental impact. As TD02 Sustain is made predominantly from natural rubber, the entire manufacturing process consumes 85% less energy, as well as using 3.5 times less oil and petrochemicals.

3. It's rapidly biodegradable! Traditional nitrile gloves can take over 100 years to biodegrade in landfills, but in stark comparison, TD02 Sustain biodegrades by an impressive 82% within just 90 days!

4. It contains 65% sustainably sourced raw materials! Instead of using synthetic rubber, TD02 utilises a high content of natural rubber which is sustainably produced within the supply chain. This reduces the overall carbon footprint of the product, both because the extraction and production of raw materials is far more environmentally friendly, but also because the upstream transportation of raw materials to manufacturing is eliminated. 

5. It's fully certified and tested to all relevant standards! We at Traffi have obtained all the required certifications to ensure the highest standards of our product; bringing you a product that is fully compliant and tested to relevant global market standards.

Make the difference today by getting a free sample of TD02 Sustain and starting your sustainable journey with Traffi.