17 January 2022

Speedy get a helping hand from Traffi

Speedy, is the UK’s leading provider of tools and equipment hire, and services to the construction, infrastructure and industrial markets. Speedy has over 50,000 customers, including 86 of the UK’s top 100 contractors, with approximately 300,000 itemised assets available for hire, and a workforce of more than 3,300 people. 


Safety is the number one priority for Speedy, and they were looking for a hand protection partner to reduce [the small number of] hand and finger injury’s ranging from cuts and abrasions, to fractures and dislocations.  Their PPE provider suggested that they contact Traffi (the hand protection specialists) to review their glove programme and identify why these injuries were occurring. Traffi found that while in the main the gloves were being worn, the specification of gloves could be improved.


Speedy decided to partner with Traffi and implement the TG5545 a high cut level impact glove. Trials were run across the several Speedy Service Centres to ensure colleagues were satisfied with the glove and understood the colour-coded system. This is to guarantee the correct cut level glove is worn for the task in hand. The glove was initially trialled for all Speedy drivers, however due to it being so well received it has now been made available to other roles within Speedy. 

Graham Neave, Head of Health and Safety says “The TG5545 impressed all of our colleagues that had the opportunity to wear them, many of whom commented on the quality and durability of the product”.


Traffi don’t believe support should end after the gloves are purchased. They offer support throughout the customer’s full journey. Traffi are there to help promote buy-in to the customers hand protection programme. They ensure that they fully understand the customer’s needs. They offer glove audits, trials, product training, toolbox talks, free samples, glove posters, and other bespoke collateral to help make selection and compliance easier. 

“Speedy have found the support from Traffi good” continues Graham “and we are looking to discuss a joined-up approach to refresh the campaign and ensure the Traffi glove is considered as first choice for our employees”. 

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