14 July 2021


TD02 sustain is a far more sustainable solution to nitrile disposable gloves for many reasons. One of the main ones is it’s ability to rapidly biodegrade (82% within 90 days when tested to ISO 14855), compared to nitrile which can take over 100 years or more to biodegrade!


This is amazing, but what does biodegradable actually mean?

Biodegradability is the capacity for biological degradation of organic materials by living organisms down to the base substances such as water, carbon dioxide, methane, basic elements and biomass.

Wait that's still too confusing, can you break it down...

Hold on, that's a helpful comment! In simple terms biodegradability is the breakdown of a material by living organisms (like bacteria).

Some materials such as traditional nitrile disposables are highly damaging to the environment as they can take hundreds of years to biodegrade, ending in a huge pile-up in landfill.

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