5 June 2020

We're here to help with your sustainability journey

Traffi is on a path to create a more sustainable future for all of our tomorrows. We're making a huge commitment to reducing our carbon footprint, and we're able to pass this onto our customers. 

We're at the final stage of a project that's been five years in the making, and we can't wait to tell you about it. 


The Traffi pledge

Traffi are committing to a better global PPE future. In September 2020, we will unveil what we hope will become "the new normal" in gloves.

We are investing heavily in sustainable glove solutions and have developed a range of products that will not only reduce our carbon footprint but that of our customers as well.We changed the safety glove world when we launched the original safety in colours concept in 2008 and we will change it again in Q3 2020.



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