22 February 2021

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Traffi brings you: The world’s first carbon neutral glove range!

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View our LXT brochure


A brief look at the LXT range




The TG1240 is a high performing 15gg Cut A glove with a high tenacity nylon liner and a palm dipped MicroDex Ultra coating, providing excellent grip in wet, dry and oily conditions.

Heavy Engineering and Shunters really liked them, preferred over existing reusable gloves, and would like them added to the system- John Ellis, Go Ahead,



TG3240 action

TG3240 is an extremely dexterous 15gg Cut B glove featuring Life Extending Technology (LXT) Engineering and a palm dipped MicroDex Ultra coating, ensuring excellent grip in wet, dry and oily conditions.

Good to use, last longer and comfortable- Karl Philips, Assembly/ production, Bucher Municipal           



TG5240 action

TG5240 is a cut level C glove with a luxurious 15gg liner, perfect for high cut risk tasks that require dexterity and grip in wet, dry and oily conditions.

The gloves performed much better than I expected. Gloves normally last a couple of days, theses have lasted 4 weeks- Steve Pulling, Logistics team leader, Bucher Municipal           



TG6240 action

Conforming to cut level E under the new EN388:2016 standard, TG6240 has unrivalled levels of dexterity and comfort and is designed to last for long periods of time. 

Best I’ve worn, made using phones and tablet much easier. Didn’t feel as though wearing gloves was a hassle- Jake Howes, structural examinations, Amey


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