18 August 2015

TraffiGlove Provides Safety Gloves To Biffa

In order to ensure waste handling staff are provided with adequate protection, TraffiGlove has provided Biffa with its TG595 Glaze safety gloves for use across 12 dedicated waste management sites in Kent.

As the leading nationwide integrated waste management business in the UK, Biffa is dedicated to ensuring staff are provided with appropriate PPE for handling tasks.

Already familiar with TraffiGlove, having used its gloves for many years, Biffa was happy to introduce TraffiGlove’s cut level five TG595 Glaze safety gloves into the mix with the TG595 selected for use by approximately 70 staff across the sites.

Offering an outstanding level of protection against cuts and abrasions, the TG595 Glaze glove features a non marking Cohesion™ XP coating on the palm offering excellent grip in the most challenging wet, dry and oily conditions.

TraffiGlove’s TG595 Glaze glove offers cut level 5 protection and features flexibility and comfort alongside high abrasion resistance and good levels of dexterity.

With its Cohesion™ XP coating across the palm of the glove, the TG595 Glaze is suitable for use in all kinds of conditions, across a range of industries and tasks, delivering an excellent level of grip that ensures added safety as a result.

We were already familiar with the TraffiGlove brand and its products, having used them for many years across a number of sites – in fact, TraffiGlove gloves are the predominant glove for most of the municipal divisions’ work and is used in over 50 locations by over 2,000 staff. The gloves offered excellent grip in all weather conditions without compromising on comfort or safety - the different variations help us protect hands all year round in all weathers.

A spokesperson from Biffa

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