18 November 2020

Traffi Hygiene Range

We're here to protect you and provide you with the tools to protect others to help stop the spread of germs and viruses.

That’s why we have created our very own hygiene product range.


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What does our hygiene range include?


TDS600 static image

TraffiDual is Traffi’s very own glove and hand solution, water based, non-flammable, proven to kill envelope viruses, food safe, the list is endless. But most importantly TraffiDual not only protects you, but protects others, stopping the spread of germs and viruses reaching your friends and family.


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TV100 static image

TraffiViro, anti-viral, anti-bacterial, multi surface wet wipes, designed to keep yourself and others protected.


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TW040 static image

TW040, a proven multi surface virucidal disinfectant wipe with a broad-spectrum activity against viruses, bacteria & fungi.


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TW050 static image

The TW050A is a 70% alcohol wipes designed to kill germs and sanitise surfaces at home or in the office.


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