23 October 2019

Top 5 Winter Gloves

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As the nights start to draw in, the temperatures begin to drop and Michael Bublé defrosts, it is vital to prepare for the cold winter months. When working in cold environments, body heat needs to be retained, with fingertips being one of the first places to lose heat, we have put together a list of our favourite winter gloves.


If you are looking for a glove that can grip whilst also protect you from the cold, then this is the one for you. The TG5070 glove has a brushed acrylic liner to keep hands warm whatever the weather. It also has an X-Dura latex palm coating for optimum grip, making it the ideal glove for scaffolding and outdoor construction trades as well as the rail industry and cold stores.


On the hunt for a high cut protection winter glove? Look no further than our brand new TG5570. At a cut level F this glove offers the maximum cut level protection (which is important as the risk of slipping increases in wet and cold conditions), yet is still extremely comfortable and dexterous, due to the single layer liner.  The TG5570 is both thermal and water resistant (when exposed to cold water temperatures, body heat can be lost by up to 25 times faster) even on the wrist and is perfect for those working in the construction and utility, engineering and manufacturing, oil and gas, waste recycling and local authority and warehouse and logistic industries.


Our next winter glove recommendation is for those of you looking for a lightweight glove that keeps your hands warm. If this is what you want we would suggest another one of our new products, the TG1270, this glove is super lightweight and flexible with an X-Dura flat nitrile palm dipped coating. The TG1270 is seamlessly knit and close fitting for all day comfort and wear, whether the conditions are dry or wet. This glove is normally recommended for those working in automotive, engineering and manufacturing, construction and utility, waste and recycling, and warehouse and logistics professions.


If you are looking for a winter glove which keeps your hands warm whilst also reducing perspiration, stop looking- you’ve found it. The TG180 is knitted inside to help reduce perspiration, it is also a fully coated water resistant glove, with superb durability. This glove even has an elastic wrist opening making it easy to put on and remove. The TG180 is suitable for individuals working in construction and utility, warehouse and logistics, waste and recycling and local authority, and oil and gas.


When it comes to flexibility and comfort in cold temperatures, you can’t beat the TG3170 glove. The gloves flexible and breathable seamless liner provides high levels of comfort. The generous knit wrist ensures a secure fit (which is vital in stopping the cold coming in and removes the risk of excess fabric getting caught in rotating equipment) and protects the hand from dust and dirt. The TG3170 also has superb abrasion, tear and puncture resistance. This glove would be great for those in the automotive, construction and utility, engineering and manufacturing, warehouse and logistics, and waste, recycling and local authority industries.

You can download our full winter catalogue here and find out about all the products we have on offer for those chilly winter months.

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