23 November 2017

Reducing costs & injuries for QFS Scaffolding

QFS Scaffolding Ltd is a multi-award winning company who are at the forefront of construction. The Board of QFS Scaffolding is committed to achieving high standards in Health and Safety across all its operations.

We recently asked them about their experience with TraffiGlove to date.  

‘We were first introduced to TraffiGlove through Mace when we were working on one of their sites.  They state TraffiGlove as the preferred hand protection solution for their supply chain, recommended as very good gloves.

The TG370 Stamina has been a successful choice for our workers, resolving the challenges we used to have with quality, suitability for the task and compliance.

Previously, we were getting through gloves on a daily basis but now we’ve moved to using the Stamina not only are we making a cost saving, but the strong coating and reinforced thumb crotch means the gloves are lasting the guys for a week.

In hindsight, 9 out of 10 hand accidents experienced during manual handling the scaffolding tubes and other materials, have been prevented since using the TG370.

I would highly recommend TraffiGlove on all cut levels, particularly the TG370,– offering high quality products that are reasonably priced.  They look after us well, making  sure issues are resolved quickly and nobody is  kept waiting. Using these gloves has improved our compliance in health & safety.

Sebastian Lik 

HSEQ Manager

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