30 April 2020

Prevent fractures and crush hand injuries

When working with heavy machinery or slippery surfaces, the risk of crush or fracture hand injuries increases. In industries with high impact risks, it’s vital that extra steps are taken to protect workers hands from dangerous tasks. It has been reported that 21% of all hand injuries were fractures and there are 27,000 crush hand injuries every year (Bureau of Labour Statistics, 2017). This is costing employers thousands of pounds in compensation per injury, for an accident that can easily be prevented with the correct glove protection.

The TG5545 is our new cut level E impact glove! This glove has raised ridges strategically placed at common impact points to keep you safe without compromising dexterity. It also has a sandy nitrile foam palm dip, which offers excellent grip in wet and oily conditions.


  • Level E cut resistant liner - High level 360 cut resistance performance with great fit and general comfort.
    • Level P impact protection with unique Traffi design seamlessly welded to the liner - maximum impact protection and comfort.
    • Nitrile thumb crotch re-enforcement - aids glove protection in this critical area and lengthen wear life.
    • Sandy nitrile foam palm dip - good durable grip for oily & wet conditions.
    • Great dexterity, comfort and durability.
    • Treatment to liner, making the glove water repellent.


  • Rail
  • Offshore
  • Heavy engineering
  • Logistics


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