9 November 2015

Number of Handling Injuries On The Rise


The HSE has now published its provisional figures on the number of handling injuries reported to all RIDDOR enforcing authorities during the 2011/12 reporting period. This includes all workplace injuries that involved handling at some level, and includes strains and sprains caused by lifting and carrying – which safety gloves would not have prevented – as well as cuts from sharp objects, where appropriate hand protection could have helped.

The four industries with the highest rates of handling injuries per 100,000 employees were, in order: Water & Waste, Transportation & Storage, Manufacturing and Construction. These are the same industries that TraffiGlove focuses on for all new safety glove development work.

It is interesting – and alarming – to note the sheer numbers of injuries involving hands. There were more than 30,000 reported handling injuries during the time in question, making up almost three in ten of all injury reports. One in ten ‘major’ and almost a third of the ‘over 3 days’ injuries involved handling, and an estimated 1.2 million working days were lost due to handling injuries, averaging at 8.8 days for each injury. These figures confirm our belief that hand safety is a key concern and should be a top priority for any employer in any industry.

You can open or download the full HSE Handling Injuries document here.

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