13 May 2021

Meet Ben Ruhle

👋Meet Ben Ruhle

Ben is one of the newest members of the Traffi family, joining us in February as our IT & programme manager. He has a love for spreadsheets and organisation, and describes his role in the business as "taking the teams enthusiasm for great customer service and enable them to delivery this to all their customers”.

When we asked Ben why he enjoyed working at Traffi his response was: “I have been made to feel so welcome by all the team since joining 3 months ago. Traffi has a strong core of company values, which is complemented by our passion for sustainability.”

In his spare time, you can find Ben with the family, cooking, or working on his DIY projects and he is a secret (well now not so secret) AFOL (Adult Fan Of LEGO 😉).

We asked Ben what his favourite Traffi glove was his response: “The TD02 is going to be a real game changer for disposable gloves. It is sustainably produced and is biodegradable. I use them for all sorts of things from peeling beetroot in the kitchen to adjusting the chain on my motorbike. Endless uses without hanging around in landfill for 100+ years, like the Nitrile equivalents.”

Get your hands on a pair

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