8 December 2017

Keeping safety on track

Winter has arrived and with it comes quieter train lines during the Christmas break. For rail workers, this is an opportunity to carry out vital track maintenance and repair work, meaning gloves which can withstand cold conditions are in high demand!

In alignment with the Cut Level 5 mandate set by Network Rail, TraffiGlove has the ideal glove for rail workers in the winter months.

The TG5070 Thermic 5 is a flexible and comfortable Cut Level 5 winter-ready glove, with an X-Dura Latex matt finish palm coating for excellent grip in both wet and dry conditions.

Key Features

Single Layer Thermal Glove

Avoids the risk of the inner glove pulling out and the lack of adhesive in the finger ends increases fingertip tactility.

Insulation ‘Loft’ Thermal Properties

The Thermic’s acrylic spun fibre doesn’t compress when wet, enabling the glove to maintain warmth for the user.

Waterproof Natural Rubber Latex

Maintains a high degree of flexibility across a range of temperatures. Additionally, the matt finish offers enhanced grip and water resistance.

This glove is now available on the Network Rail Iproc system for immediate order in sizes 7-11.

Be Aware of Winter Risks

Hand Arm Vibration Syndrome

Anyone working regularly with power tools that are handheld or hand-guided are at risk of Hand Arm Vibration Syndrome (HAVS), especially in the winter months. Once the damage to nerves, blood vessels and joints is done, it is permanent and irreversible. This means it is vital to remember to keep your hands warm and dry as this encourages good blood circulation and greatly reduces the risk of HAVS. We also recommend that workers exercise their fingers during breaks.


Frostbite is a serious risk for people working outside in the UK winter months. This is especially true for those whose job doesn’t require much physical activity, such as Traffic Vehicle Marshals. Remember to wear warm, waterproof clothing – including gloves such as the TG5070 Thermic 5, as fingers are at high risk of frostbite.

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