16 January 2018

Introducing TG5180 Arc Flash Glove

The most common cause of all electrical injuries is arc flash - an incident which can change an employee’s life in the blink of an eye.

After speaking with our glove wearers, the need for a more durable, yet dexterous Arc resistant glove became apparent.  That's why TraffiGlove is introducing TG5180 Arc Glove to the range.

These Aramid-based composite gloves are dipped with a Cohesion Arc coating, outperforming Natural Rubber in comfort, grip and flexibility. TG5180 provides the wearer with A4/Cut 5 resistance, as well as heat and arc flash protection (rating of 8.6 cal/cm2), making them suitable for a number of high risk environments.

Now available for purchase! 

For more information on Arc Flash, the dangers and how these can be reduced download our guide, or if you're interested in receiving a sample ring 01344 207090.




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