30 October 2015

HSE Local Authority Enforcement Code Update

The consultation period on the Health and Safety Executive’s Local Authority Enforcement Code (‘the Code’) ended in March 2013 and the HSE is now reviewing the comments it has received from stakeholders and other interested parties.

While businesses will always be primarily responsible for managing risk in their own businesses, each local authority is responsible for checking that appropriate measures are being taken to maintain health and safety in the workplace. The Code is the HSE’s attempt to reduce red tape in Health and Safety legislation and give local authority H&S regulators clearer guidance on where they should focus their resources in terms of their inspection and enforcement activities.

The Code includes a list of business sectors that authorities should consider for ‘proactive inspections’ to check how well they are managing the risk involved in known high risk activities to prevent known hazards. For example, inspecting builders and timber merchants (high risk sector) where cutting machinery is used (high risk activity) to see how they are reducing the risk of amputations (hazard).

We look forward to reporting on the finalised Code and how we believe it will affect TraffiGlove customers in different industries. In the meantime, you can read the draft Code (which was circulated during the consultation period) here: Consultation on proposals for a National Local Authority Enforcement Code – Health and Safety at Work, England, Scotland and Wales.

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