2 December 2015

How Our Higher Priced Gloves Cost KAB Seating Less

KAB Seating designs and manufactures ergonomic seating for vehicles and offices from its Northampton based plant. As a highly responsible business, KAB is committed to reducing the impact it has on the natural environment, both across its operation and through its supply chain. The company was experiencing a large number of on-the-job hand cuts, and identified that the PPE gloves they were using were not up to the task, being low quality and uncomfortable. After researching the market and completing a trial, they settled on TraffiGloves as a replacement.

Which TraffiGloves and why?

KAB chose our TG300 Mighty gloves (Cut Level 3) for their excellent dexterity, comfort and fit as well as their high resistance to tears and abrasion.

I am delighted with the new TraffiGloves for three reasons. First, we have seen a reduction in cut injuries since they were introduced. Second, despite the fact that each of the gloves costs us significantly more than the ones they are replacing, the MIGHTY gloves last a lot longer which means we have actually saved money over time. And third, as we’re disposing of fewer gloves than before we’re spending less on disposal costs while reducing our impact on the environment too.

KAB Seating

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