7 September 2015

Gloves Policy Needs 'No Gloves' Rules Too

In February 2013, Honda UK was fined after an employee lost two fingers while using an emery cloth to polish a metal component as it rotated on a manual lathe. The accident happened after the glove on his right hand became entangled in the equipment.

After the court ruling, the HSE Inspector on the case explained that if an emery cloth is held by hand and wrapped around a work piece there is a high risk of it becoming entangled, and wearing gloves increases the risk of entanglement. The employer’s glove policy did state that no gloves should be worn when using machinery, but this rule had not been enforced. (HSE Ref HSE-SW-02).

While it may seem counter intuitive, it is important that any company’s glove policy makes it absolutely clear that there are times when gloves should NOT be worn because the gloves themselves will increase the risk of an accident when performing certain tasks.

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