3 July 2018

Cumbria County Council Mandates Minimum Cut 5 With TraffiGlove

Cumbria County Council wanted to explore a logical approach to providing its workforce with a cost-effective, high-quality hand protection solution that complies with the changes to the legislation.

Stephen Hall, Assistant Director for Highways and Transport at Cumbria County Council liked TraffiGlove’s innovative colour-coded glove system.

"We contacted TraffiGlove and began a project to match our current tasks to specific TraffiGlove products. We were aware that there had been some legislative changes under EN 388:2016 and TraffiGlove were happy to guide us through this. We carried out extensive trials across both our Highways and Fleet divisions. TraffiGlove then collated all the results and produced a meaningful report which removed all the guesswork from selecting a glove for a particular task which the wearer would be happy with.
Through a staff working group, workers described the gloves as 'excellent' and 'good' and we realized that it is now possible to provide high level cut protection without sacrificing dexterity or comfort."

Alf Martin, TraffiGlove Business Development Manager

"It has been an absolute pleasure working with Cumbria County Council who have such a proactive attitude to increasing the level of protection provided to their workforce.
Glove selection is just the start of a client’s journey with Traffi, I now look forward to delivering Toolbox Talks to support our product introductions and organising visual collateral for the depots."
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