3 October 2016

Clarity Regarding EN388: 2016

Recently, there has been somewhat misleading communications from the media via various sources with regards to the EN388: 2016 standard.

TraffiGlove can confirm the new EN388: 2016 standard will be published and will supersede the EN388: 2003 standard within the first four months of 2017.

We can also confirm that copies of the definitive text used within the new standard will start to circulate from October 26th 2016. Each EU member country will legally publish either an identical national standard or endorse the new standard officially at a ‘national level’, prior to April 30th 2017.

TraffiGlove would like to assure all our customers that our gloves will remain fully compliant with all current legislation throughout this period of change. If you require any further clarification, then please do not hesitate to contact one of our specialists via telephone or email.

Phone: 01344 207 090

Email: info@traffiglove.com

You remain in safe hands with TraffiGlove.

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