13 January 2021

Brrr feeling the cold?

Winter is now upon us and we want to make sure you have got the right hand protection to keep you safe and comfortable!

Having the correct hand protection is always essential, but even more so in during the winter months as inadequate protection can lead to reduced workplace productivity due to discomfort.



  • Breathability: This is a key feature in winter gloves, even in cold weather we perspire, if the glove is not breathable the sweat is unable to escape, and as it evaporates it takes heat away from the body.
  • Waterproof: Without a waterproof winter glove stopping the wet accessing your hands the heat loss will be significantly higher, preventing you from being comfortable, warm, and dry.
  • Insulation: Winter hand protection must feature insulation to retain heat when working in cold temperatures, with the fingertips as the first area to lose heat it is essential to ensure they are well insulated.
  • Dexterity: Without dexterity workers may remove their gloves to carry out tasks leaving them unprotected to surrounding risks.


Traffi has a range of solutions to keep you safe, warm and comfortable throughout the winter months:




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