Becoming Carbon Neutral

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How have we done this?

Five years ago, we set off on our journey to compensate for our GHG emissions generated within the glove manufacturing processes. We planned to achieve this in the most sustainable way possible. We have worked tirelessly with our product team experts to calculate the total greenhouse gases emitted from the production of our Life Extending Technology (LXT) glove range.

We have measured and calculated our impact at every stage of the production journey, from procuring raw materials to spinning our technical yarns, to the output of finished LXT gloves, we know our GHG number.

As a result and through a forward-thinking social development program we can access a local Carbon Credit Bank, owned and managed by our factory in Sri Lanka. This enables Traffi to be fully certified carbon inset within our own integrated glove supply chain in Sri Lanka. Amazing.

Simply put, the trees we have planted in our reforestation programme, yield the latex we use in our own glove coatings. Rubber trees have a finite lifetime, at which point they are turned into biomass pellets that fuel the production, which displaces the use of fossil fuels. Every tree is individually tagged and monitored periodically as per international carbon standards. Through carefully controlled forest management we have created jobs, created skills and created opportunities, right within the families and communities where we produce the best in hand protection.

Working with The Sustainable Future Group and The Carbon Consulting Company, who independently audit and validate these calculations, we then retire our balance of carbon credits within the inset projects listed, and we have fully certified our LXT glove range as officially Carbon-Inset® Products.

Through this initiative, we’ve been able to reduce our carbon footprint to net zero. We can confidently state that our LXT range has zero negative impact on the environment*.

* Traffi’s carbon footprint is net-zero to the point of delivery of Traffi products. This can be to either one of our distributors, or an end-user location.

What does this mean for our customers?

It simply means that when you use LXT products, you are using the product to keep you safe.

You are using a product that has had NET ZERO carbon impact on the environment during production, through the distribution channel, to your site location.

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Did You Know?

LXT range has zero negative impact on the environment.  From the raw material stage through to direct delivery, the LXT range has been certified carbon neutral.  Therefore, by using the LXT range, you are investing in a product that is already outside of your corporate carbon footprint calculations.

Based on our own Traffi data, manufacturing in Sri Lanka where we have a completely transparent supply chain, and weekly production team meetings.

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