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Cut Level D Safety Sleeve


Ultra lightweight sleeve which provides excellent cut protection to the forearm and past the elbow. Uses the LXT yarn with its triple wrapped steel core to ensure high cut protection whilst maintaining market-leading dexterity and comfort.
Cool and comfortable in hotter working conditions, compared with traditional aramid type sleeves which can be hot, itchy and uncomfortable to wear for extended periods. The green colour works within the Traffi colour system thereby allowing the higher cut protection to be clearly visible from wrist to bicep.

Any questions? We're passionate about every worker selecting the right glove for their task. Get in touch with a Traffi Hand Specialist today and we can help choose the correct cut level and glove style for your specific needs.

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Product Code: TGSL1

EN 388:2016: 1 X 4 X D

Sizes: One size- 18 inches

Liner: Nylon/HPPE/Steel/Glass/Polyester/Elastane



• 15gg ultra lightweight level D sleeve
• 18 extra inches of seamless cut protection
• Ambidextrous, with a thumb hole
• Elasticated bicep cuff to keep the sleeve in place

• Handling sheet metal
• Glass fitting and repair
• Handling parts with sharp edges
• Metal fabrication
• Food processing
• Machinery and equipment
• Automotive

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