8 July 2020

Hand Injury Statistics

Hand Injury statistics

At Traffi we believe everyone deserves the best in hand protection and we’re here to help, to ensure your workforce doesn’t become another workplace injury statistic.

In 2019 it was reported that 581,000 injuries occurred in the workplace, costing employers a whopping £30 billion (health and safety at work, 2019). This resulted in an estimated 4.7 million working days being lost according to self-reports from the Labour Force Survey in 2018/19.

From these injuries 20% were handling related, suggesting the need for sufficient glove protection. As the hand protection specialists, we have a variety of gloves, perfect for different tasks and professions, to help prevent hand injuries. It is crucial that the right glove for the right task is used and we’re on hand to advise which would work best for you and your workforce.


Below we have selected a range of gloves, ideal for dangerous tasks which require high cut level protection:


TG5545 in action

Our first choice is the TG5545, this glove offers a high-level E cut resistance liner, coupled with a level P maximum impact protection, this glove offers 360 cut resistance without compromising comfort. With a nitrile thumb crotch reinforcement, and a sandy nitrile foam palm dip this glove is highly durable in wet and oily conditions while keeping your hand safe.



TG5060 in action

Next up we have the TG5060, part of our waterproof full dip range which ensures your hands are kept dry it wet conditions, combined with a nitrile foam palm to provide improved grip. The glove also features a knit wrist for ultimate comfort and a secure fit to protect hands from dirt and debris. The TG5060 also presents exceptional abrasion and tare resistance, which ensures your hands are kept safe.



TG5240 in action

Another option is the TG5240, this glove features in our LXT range, with a tripped wrapped core for enhanced cut protection and wearer comfort. With hot contact resistance up to 100ᵒ, a MicroDex coating providing fantastic oil resistance and grip, and a seamless liner proving breathability and fixability this glove ensures ultimate comfort along with flawless protection.



TG5220 being used with touchscreen device

Our final recommendation is the TG5220, the TG5220 is one of our 3-digit gloves which are designed for enhanced dexterity without compromising your hand safety. It features a durable X-Dura PU coating and a breathable, lightweight liner and offers a cut level C, ensuring the perfect combination of comfort and protection.