Warning / Cut Level A

EN 388:2016
3 X 2 1 A

The UK’s first 21 gauge EN388:2016 cut level A safety glove, ultra lightweight close fitting and flexible with a high tech Polyurethane Dispersion (PUD) – water-based coating that provides excellent grip in dry conditions. Fully touchscreen compatible. 

Product Code: NGT1290

Glove Name:

EN 388: 3.X.2.1.A

Sizes: 6 - 12

Lengths: 220-270mm

Liner: HT Nylon

Coating: PUD


• UK’s first 21 gauge EN388:2016 cut level A safety glove

• Super lightweight

• Highly tactile, fully touchscreen compatible

• Innovative PUD coating, providing high levels of grip

• High-performance liner, dirt & abrasion resistant

• Precision assembly work

• General handling

• Tasks which include the use of touchscreen devices

• Automotive

• Warehousing

• Low cut risk construction tasks

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