Carbon Neutral Products


Did you ever imagine Traffi could bring you a range of Premium Cut Resistant Gloves, certified as Carbon Neutral? It’s here.





Our Life Extending Technology (LXT) range is now certified as carbon neutral and available from stock. Click on each glove to read more about the products.




We're so proud to be certified carbon neutral! To make it easy to understand, we've put everything that you need to know into the below infographic. If you want to read more about what we've done, click below:




Do you know the carbon footprint of the gloves you currently buy?

We know that TG1240 = 0.9142 KgCO2e per pair 1000 pairs.

By way of example, using only data that we have measured from the energy-efficient factories in Sri Lanka, we can calculate the following: 

By switching from 1000 pairs of unknown GHG product to 1000 pairs of TG1240 is the equivalent of saving a 5th of an acre of forest.

By switching from 5000 pairs of unknown GHG product to 5500 pairs of TG1240 is the equivalent of saving 1 acre of forest.

Can you imagine the potential increase in this variance from a product that is produced in some other countries?

Have you considered the increase in Carbon Footprint following the unprecedented usage of Nitrile Gloves?

We've had customers prove that 1 pair of TG1240s = 1 box of nitrile gloves (50 pairs). If you switch to using our LXT range, you save thousands of nitrile gloves being discarded to landfill.

Plus, the switch means that using these gove results in net zero emission of carbon. Wow.

The carbon footprint of your hand protection may not be your biggest challenge or have the biggest impact on your corporate sustainability goals, but small changes can make big differences. 

Our Facilities

Manufacturing in Sri Lanka and Vietnam, we are taking social responsibility seriously.  We only engage with manufacturing/supply partners who are aligned with our CSR objectives. Factory staff have free access to education and support to go into further education and graduate programmes.  They have access to healthcare and support, new accommodation, and much more.


Our Sri Lanka ‘Carbon Inset’ Schemes

To inset the emissions from production of our LXT range, we have looked at activities we can carry out within our own sphere of influence.  From reforesting degraded areas and growing trees further apart, to producing the energy that powers the factory from biomass pellets, we have dealt with the carbon footprint within our own supply chain. 


The two ‘Carbon-Inset ‘ schemes are sited on previously deforested degraded land, and now replanted with rubber trees. These two plantations are then audited by The Sustainable Future Group, who is accredited by The Sri Lanka Accreditation Board to issue the ISO 14065 Certification [Accreditation No. GHG-02-01] The trees remove carbon from the atmosphere which is then calculated based on their growth and on-going healthy maintenance. Carbon credits are then registered and used to ‘inset’ our own glove production.






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