18 August 2020

Understanding Glove Coatings

Understanding glove coatings

Why does a gloves coating matter

Gloves not only enhance the protection of your hands but also offers a range of different of different features which should be considered.

Grip: Different glove coatings offer different levels of grip, depending on the job at hand you may need a coating that gives protection even in wet and oily conditions.

Cost: As the glove coatings get more durable the price increases, for example Nitrile is the most durable and therefore is more expensive.

Flexibility: Flexibility must also be considered when deciding which is the best glove coating for the job, various glove coatings offer different amounts of flexibility, allowing us to provide you with a glove which gives you all the features you need.

Resistance: The resistance of the glove differs with each coating.

Durability: Different glove coatings effect the durability of a glove, for example a thinner coated glove will not last as long as a thicker coated glove.


There are 3 main glove coatings, Nitrile, Pu & Latex,


PU stands for Polyurethane which is a very resilient, durable and flexible polymer. PU also offers high dexterity making it the perfect glove coating for light manufacturing and small pars assembly.

On the downside PU is a non-breathable coating and therefore is only used for finger or palm dipped style gloves to ensure there is not a build up of perspiration. Alongside this PU has a higher penetration level into the seamless knit liner and can heighten skin sensitivity.

Some of the gloves Traffi sell with a PU coating are:





Nitrile is synthetic rubber which provides protection against abrasion, punctures, cuts and snags, along with chemicals, oils, greases, and fats. Nitrile provides excellent grip and can withstand extreme temperatures.

However Nitrile does not offer much dexterity as it does not have micron thickness properties like the PU coating.

Some of the gloves Traffi sell with a Nitrile coating include:





Latex is a natural rubber which has high elasticity, offers superb longevity and grip and is able to withstand extreme temperatures. This makes Latex coated gloves perfect for construction, rail and groundwork industries as they are both resilient and durable.

On the downside some people suffer with Latex allergies and are unable to wear Latex coated gloves.

Some of the gloves Traffi Sell with a Latex coating include:





Here at Traffi we are here to provide you with the best possible hand protection that’s why we are incorporating new, innovative technologies into cut resistant coatings to ensure you are kept safe.