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Color Coded Safety Gloves

The original color coded safety system has arrived in the USA to protect hands and reduce costs.

What Is TraffiGlove?

TraffiGlove is a color-coded RED, AMBER, GREEN glove system which means you can see at a glance - and from a distance - if your employees or colleagues are protected. 

The color of the glove relates to its performance on the ANSI test for cut resistance. For example, the RED gloves have a level 1 score, so they are only suitable for lower cut risk tasks. On the other hand, the GREEN gloves have a level 3 score, so are suitable for higher cut risk tasks.

So if you see someone wearing RED gloves while sweeping up broken glass, for example, you can immediately alert them to the risk and insist that GREEN gloves are worn.

TraffiGlove gives you the ultimate two in one: a Safety System that reduces hand injuries and saves you money.

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Keeping Workers Hands Safe

By introducing our innovative color-coded safety system into the USA, we hope to help every worker go home safe.

To find out more about the TraffiGlove range, you can browse our products online or get in contact today to see how we can help you.

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