Health & Safety

Keeping Workers Protected

Safety Managers are tasked with keeping the workforce safe by anticipating risks and providing suitable and appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE) for the different tasks the employees are required to do.

Given that it is impossible to check everyone is complying with your rules and regulations 24/7, it is vital that safety awareness is ingrained in the culture of the business. That way, everyone can share the responsibility for themselves and others.

If your industry involves a significant amount of manual handling, a mandatory glove policy is your first line of defence against hand injuries. TraffiGlove provides practical help to customers wishing to implement a glove policy. This includes:

  • Identifying the appropriate TraffiGloves for each task from our extensive range
  • Running on-site trials with a choice of gloves to engage the attention of the employees
  • Providing promotional materials to display in communal areas
  • Delivering presentations and toolbox training on hand protection to drive the safety message home

The TraffiSystem itself has been designed to make it quick and easy for everyone involved to recognise the level of cut protection provided by each TraffiGlove at a glance. The 3 colour coding system crosses language barriers and provides a continual reminder of cut protection levels. In our experience, once customers have adopted the TraffiSystem they see a dramatic rise in safety awareness among their staff, as the staff themselves are able to recognise when they are working safely.

In short, the TraffiSystem makes it easier to implement and enforce a mandatory glove policy because it’s simple, visual and memorable.  TraffiGlove provides all the additional support you need to maintain an understanding and appreciation of the importance of hand safety across the business.

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