Safe to Go / Cut Level 5

EN 388:2016
3 X 4 3 D
EN 388:2003
3 5 4 3


A Cohesion Neoprene palm coated glove with an aramid based liner engineered with a comfortable and flexible design.  Flame retardant and offers protection against heat and arc flash, and is suitable for use in a number of high risk environments.

Product Code: TG5180

EN 388:2003: 3 5 4 3

EN 388:2016: 3 X 4 3 D

Sizes: 7-11

Lengths: 270-280mm

Liner: Aramid

Coating: Cohesion Arc


• Arc Flash rating of 8.6 cal/cm2

• Excellent dry and wet grip

• Good abrasion resistance

• Excellent oil, grease, glue and chemical resistance

• Dexterity, touch and elasticity similar to Natural Rubber

• Electric and Gas Utilities

• Risk of oil and chemical contamination

• Automotive

• General metalwork and fabrication

• Waste and Recycling


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