TG5120 Dynamic 5

Safe To Go / Cut Level 5

EN 388:2016
4 X 4 2 C
EN 388:2003
4 5 4 2

A close-fitting higher cut index 5 glove featuring the unique Cohesion Crystal palm coating. Offers unrivalled durability and grip on dry surfaces, making it a great choice for warehousing and other handling tasks with risk of cut. 

Product Code: TG5120

Glove Name: Dynamic 5

EN 388:2003: 4 5 4 2

EN 388:2016: 4 X 4 2 C

Sizes: 6 – 11

Lengths: 220 – 270mm

Liner: Nylon/HPPE/Glass

Coating: Cohesion Crystal

  • A glove specifically developed for the glass and thermoplastic adhesive / hot melt application

  • No 'tack' build up on the glove good general low thermal conductivity
  • Unrivalled grip in dry conditions
  • Glass and window frame fabrication

  • Hot melt adhesive and sealant work

  • Risk of tack build up and cross contamination

  • Auto windscreen replacement

  • Manufacturing and installation
  • Warehousing with high cut risk

Any questions? We're passionate about every worker selecting the right glove for their task. Get in touch with a TraffiGlove Hand Specialist today and we can help choose the correct cut level and glove style for your specific needs.

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