TG1220 Metric

Warning / Cut Level A

EN 388:2016
3 X 2 1 A

A lightweight PU glove with 3 exposed fingertips for improved dexterity.  Good level of abrasion resistance for use in dry conditions. The close fitting design and good grip makes it an ideal choice for general handling tasks.

Product Code: TG1220

Glove Name: Metric

EN 388:2003: -

EN 388:2016: 3 X 2 1 A

Sizes: 6 – 11

Lengths: 220 – 270mm

Liner: Nylon

Coating: PU

  • Lightweight and comfortable

  • Durable PU coating

  • Breathable

  • 3 digit design for further dexterity

  • EN388:2016 compliant

• Fine product assembly work

• Automotive

• Warehousing

• Maintenance

Any questions? We're passionate about every worker selecting the right glove for their task. Get in touch with a TraffiGlove Hand Specialist today and we can help choose the correct cut level and glove style for your specific needs.

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