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Image library of all of our live range of gloves

  • Glove Images

    Download our live range glove images and datasheets


Specialist hand safety guides and reports

A place to read about changes to work gloves standards, key topics in the hand safety industry and the ultimate safety gloves selection process

  • A guide to winter hand safety

    Be prepared in advance of the winter months.

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  • Traffi manufacturing & engineering sector brochure

    Traffi products for the manufacturing & engineering industry

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  • Traffi Facilities Management sector brochure

    Traffi products for the facilities management industry

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  • Traffi waste & recycling sector brochure

    Traffi products for the waste & recycling industry

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  • Traffi construction sector brochure

    Traffi products for the construction industry

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  • TD02 sustain brochure

    A sustainable solution to disposable gloves

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  • Traffi 2021 Catalogue

    Take a look at Traffi's 2021 catalogue.

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  • Traffi Rail Sector Brochure

    Traffi products for the rail industry

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    The world's first carbon neutral glove range! Find out about Traffi's LXT range and what it can do to help you.

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  • Traffi Carbon Zero Brochure

    Find out about Traffi's journey to becoming Carbon Neutral as a company, and introducing the world's first Carbon Neural glove range.

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  • Ultimate guide to work gloves

    Everything you need to know in one place. Learn about EN Standards, Selecting the right glove, and the different work glove categories!

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  • LXT Handwashing Guide

    Our LXT range is fully washable - keep you gloves on while keeping your hands clean.

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  • UK Traffi Catalogue 2019

    View the Traffi range, each with a description and ideal fors.

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  • IT Catalogo Traffi 2019

    Il catalogo contiene l’intera gamma aggiornata secondo i nuovi standard della EN 388

    Vedi il catalogo

  • EN388:2016

    Explaining the changes to the standard and how it works with the Traffi System.

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  • Winter Hand Safety

    Understand the risks, how to prepare yourself for the cold, and view our winter range.

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  • EN ISO 374-1: 2016

    Explaining the revisions to the standard and how the tests work.

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  • Understanding Arc Flash

    An overview of the dangers and consequences of Arc Flash, and how to reduce the risk.

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  • Hand Safety Report Issue 1

    Providing insights into key topics such as Occupational Health & Hand Irritant Contact Dermatitis.

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  • Hand Safety Report Issue 2

    Providing insights into key topics such as EN Standards and Glove Maintenance.

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  • Hand Safety Report Issue 3

    Providing insight into key topics such as working in adverse weather and new coating technologies.

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  • Hand Safety Report Issue 4

    Providing insight into key topics such as Promoting a positive H&S culture and the New PPE Regulation.

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Toolbox talk videos

Watch our toolbox talk videos covering a range of topics, from understanding EN388 2016 to the glove selection process

  • The Traffisystem by Traffi

    Find safety in colours with the TraffiSystem.

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  • How Hand Injuries Effect You

    Exploring the physical and financial costs of hand injuries.

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  • Glove Selection Process

    Identifying the right glove for the job with TraffiGlove.

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  • Glove Selection Priority Wheel

    Discover Traffi's glove selection priority wheel.

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  • Understanding the EN388 2016 Standard

    Make sure you understand the standard for safety gloves.

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