Widely recognised as one of the most effective ways to kill the COVID-19 virus - and any other bacteria - keeping your hands washed with soap and water has become more important than ever. COVID-19 is an 'enveloped' virus that doesn't survive well when soaps and alcohol gel are present.

These soaps and alcohol gels help to break down the outer lipid layer, meaning the virus is inactivated and can no longer bind to and enter human cells again. Our LXT range is becoming the 1st choice for many in this crisis as the gloves are washable and quick-drying as water runs off the hydrophobic coating.

Which gloves can be washed?

Our whole LXT glove range has been CE certified after washing. TG6240 has been certified after extended laundry testing. This ensures that the cut level E protective properties of the glove, including the touchscreen feature, continue to perform after washing. The LXT range is tested to EN388:2016 standard after washing.

Will the gloves be weakened by washing?

Hand washing as per the Traffi instructions will not weaken the gloves. 

The gloves should always be inspected prior to each wearing period to ensure the seamless knit liner and coating integrity remains.

How often can the gloves be washed?

The TG6240 is CE certified for 3 machine washes. Hand washing is generally less severe than being laundered in a washing machine, so the gloves last through more wash cycles.


Watch our LXT Handwashing Video




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