TG3240 - LXT Range

Be Aware / Cut Level B

Life Extending Technology (LXT) is designed to extend the wear life of our new styles, keeping them fit for the job for longer.

The LXT range is certified as carbon neutral. This means that at no extra cost, your LXT glove has zero negative impact on the environment, to the point of delivery. Find out more.

EN 388:2016
4 X 4 3 B


TG3240 is an extremely dexterous 15gg Cut B glove featuring Life Extending Technology (LXT) Engineering and a palm dipped MicroDex Ultra coating, ensuring excellent grip in wet, dry and oily conditions.

Coated and bonded with our LXT treatment for extra longevity and an enhanced resistance to oil, dirt and water, TG3240 features a thumb crotch to further extend the wear life of the glove.

Product Code: TG3240

EN 388:2003:

EN 388:2016: 4 X 4 3 B

Sizes: 6-11

Lengths: 220 – 270mm

Liner: Nylon/HPPE

Coating: MicroDex Nitrile

  • Conforms to the new EN 388:2016 standard, cut level B
  • LXT Engineering triple wrapped core for extra cut protection and comfort

  • MicroDex coating provides great oil resistance and grip

  • Hot contact resistance up to 100°C (Conforms to EN 407)

  • LXT Treatment resists water, oil, dirt and staining

  • Reinforced thumb crotch for enhanced longevity

  • Dexterous, highly tactile, and breathable

  • Latex Free

  • Carbon neutral


  • Automotive

  • Construction and Utility

  • Engineering and Manufacturing

  • Mechanical and Electrical

  • Oil and Gas

  • Waste, Recycling and Local Authority


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