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How Traffi turned a shade greener

We’ve been on a journey for the five past years that we believe will change the way that the industry looks at PPE. We disrupted the old normal by introducing the Traffi 3 colour system, now we are being really definite in our use of green.             

On 20th September 2020, the Traffi Head Office & Operations became certified carbon neutral.



We’ve measured everything we do as a business, from production to packaging, from sea and air freight to staff mileage, from energy usage to our delivery mileage and a whole load more.

Then, working with the Carbon Consultancy Company, we calculated our annual negative impact (GHG footprint) to the environment in metric tonnes of CO2. To compensate, we’ve funded a local energy project alongside our production factories in Sri Lanka to offset our company operational footprint to zero.


The output of this is that as a company, Traffi and our activities are certified by the Sustainable Futures Group to have zero negative impact on the environment.

Along the way, we kept in mind the United Nations 17 Goals to Transform our World.


What does it mean, tell me more

“Carbon Neutral” or “Net Zero Carbon Dioxide Emissions” simply means that the carbon emissions of a company/product/service have been balanced with carbon removal initiatives. Alternatively, the carbon emissions of the company/product/service have been eliminated completely. 

Read more here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Carbon_neutrality

A Carbon Footprint is the sum of Greenhouse Gases (Carbon Dioxide, Methane, Nitrous Oxide, etc.) emitted directly or indirectly from a household, business, product, or service’s activities. It is measured in tonnes of Carbon Dioxide Equivalents (CO2e), after conducting a GHG/CFP Assessment.

The production of safety gloves emits high volumes of CO2 and other waste. This is due in part to a lengthy and complex supply chain. The raw materials used to manufacture gloves require extensive alteration before they can be used for production. These materials are also only available in limited geographical areas. This means that manufacturing is concentrated in these areas and there are often long shipping distances to end-users.

What have we done?

Traffi first changed the way that the industry thinks about safety gloves in 2008 with the launch of the colour-coded system. Now, we’re ready to change the game again. For five years, Traffi have been working tirelessly towards redefining the “new normal” in PPE. From September 2020, Traffi became certified as a Carbon Neutral company. We have now also produced the world’s first carbon neutral safety glove range.


With the support of recognised sustainability bodies, The Carbon Consulting Company and The Sustainable Future Group, we calculated the environmental impact of Traffi’s organisational Carbon Footprint. At 382 tonnes per annum, this is equivalent to driving a small car that runs on petrol from our Alton HQ to London and back 14,738 times or clearing nearly 76 acres of a healthy forest. 

With Traffi, it’s possible to be environmentally responsible without having to compromise on your hand safety. In fact, we have some of the world’s best hand safety products within the LXT range.

Read more here: https://www.carbonneutral.com/how

What’s next?

We’re not stopping here. In fact, we’re just getting started!  Traffi is committed to this sustainability journey. To stay up to date with our latest initiatives and releases or be the first to hear about our carbon footprint webinars, sign up to our sustainability mailing list

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If you are interested in exploring potential collaboration opportunities with us on our sustainability journey, we would love to hear from you! Get in touch today.

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