13 September 2020

World Grandparents Day

World grandparent’s day, a day to celebrate those who are at the top of our family tree! They provide us with guidance, wisdom, and memories, and in return, it is our duty to protect them when we can.

Traffi has developed its very own hand solution, TDS600, allowing you to first protect yourself, and then others, while stopping the spread of Covid-19 and other harmful germs.

Why should you use TDS600?

  • Our hand sanitiser is not just for your hands. It also can be applied to our LXT range. Even your gloves can be kept safe and wont spread Covid-19, therefore protecting others!


  • Worried about stocking a warehouse full of alcohol hand sanitiser which is highly flammable? With TDS600 your problem is solved. Our hand sanitiser is water-based, giving you that peace of mind to store the product without increasing fire risk


  • TraffiDual is skin friendly and has been tested to EN1500 (hygienic hand-rub test). Unlike alcohol hand sanitiser. TraffiDual does not change the pH level of your skin, which can cause painful reactions such as allergic dermatitis


  • We understand and respect that government advice has been to use alcohol-based sanitiser to stay safe. Here at Traffi, we want to keep you safe too. That’s why TraffiDual is certified to 6 EN standards; EN14476, EN1500, EN1276, EN13727, EN1650 and EN13624. It’s also proven to kill envelop viruses such as Covid-19. Alongside this TraffiDual offers a long-lasting residual effect meaning it continues to kill for another 3-8 hours after it has been applied!


  • With the TSD600 being highly cost effective lasting you up to 3 times longer than an alcohol sanitiser equivalent and proven to be food safe it clearly has many properties which will help you to keep safe and comfortable.


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