2 November 2022


Traffi's hand protection isn’t just here to protect your hands from workplace hazards – this range is specifically designed for these colder months that are slowly creeping up on us. We've read your minds and we know what you’re looking for; gloves that aren’t restrictive, have excellent grip and keep your hands toasty warm! Have a look at our winter range and take your pick.


Perspiration is something that one would naturally associate with heat but it’s also a known occurrence that we also perspire in the cold. Unbreathable gloves trap sweat which makes the gloves damp inside and reduces our body heat (because when gloves are wet inside, heat loss is far higher). Breathable gloves let the sweat escape, preventing the moisture from accumulating and ultimately keeps our hands warmer.


Damp gloves and hands do nothing to keep our bodies warm in the cold – did you know that our body heat decreases much faster if the insulation inside our gloves is wet? Waterproof gloves prevent the water from getting inside in the first place, keeping your hands dry and warmer for longer.


Our body heat is as valuable as gold in cold environments, and we need to retain it. Quality winter hand protection should contain an inner insulating layer to help do just this, especially at the fingertips - this is the first area to lose warmth. Before buying safety gloves to wear in extreme temperatures, you should always make sure that they’re well insulated, or as an alternative use a separate thermal liner.


Undexterous gloves are one of the prime reasons why workers remove their gloves to carry out their tasks, leaving their hands unprotected against the weather as well as any other workplace risks. The continual exposure of our hands to the cold can cause problems such as frostbite and hypothermia. An alternative is to use insulated gloves with high dexterity, as it will reduce the need to remove the gloves and fundamentally keep your hands both protected and warm.

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