11 January 2017

Why Mitie Choose TraffiGlove

We recently interviewed David Leonard, M&E Supervisor for Mitie and asked him, "What made you choose TraffiGlove?"

"TraffiGlove was shown to me 6 or 7 years ago by EPS and I could see the potential in them.  Since then we’ve been using TraffiGlove, and it has saved losing man hours, plus all the time spent filling in forms – as it’s taken the amount of hand accidents/cuts down to nil.

This is because you can see what engineers are wearing, and also what work they’re doing.  Say, if they’re wearing green - they’re doing really roughty toughty stuff and you don’t want the apprentices around them.  Or if they’re wearing red it’s for general use or the 3-digit gloves for really fine detail tasks.

The guys love the gloves, and they know that, as Health & Safety, we have used this system because we care for them, wearing the gloves allows them to go home at the end of the day, pick up their kids from school... All things that can’t happen when you’ve cut yourself badly.

The gloves are like a second skin to them, so used to them now that when they come in in the morning it’s like: safety boots and gloves on straight away."

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