23 June 2021

Why choose LXT?

We wanted to design a product range that is so fantastic, it makes it a no-brainer, for you to select it as your hand protection range of choice! Although there are many reasons why LXT is pretty special we have narrowed it down to 5. Prepare to be amazed...


Carbon Neutral

Did you know our LXT gloves are the world's first carbon neutral safety glove range? You won't find this anywhere else. This means we can help you to achieve your sustainability goals, and when you come to calculate your own carbon footprint, we've already taken care of the hand protection for you. - Oh, and did we mention we're certified carbon neutral as a company too! (Take a look at our sustainability story)

Plastic free packaging

We don't just take care of hand safety, we take care of our planet too. We have significantly reduced our plastic packaging and replaced our LXT range with our 100% recyclable card wrap. 


Thought it couldn't get any better? Well our LXT range is fully certified even after washing. Our LXT gloves are  EN388 tested to 3 washes (Check out our EN388 guide). Not only that, but they are also quick drying, so you can get your hands back in them in no time! This enables you to reduce your waste and your costs.

Longer wear-life

The LXT range has many (many, many, many) key features, including the longer wear-life. This is achieved through the LXT engineering which involves triple wrapping the core- spinning the thread a total of 9,000 times! This ensures the core has a high level of protection from damage and increases the longevity of the cut-resistant fibre.

Oil & water resistant

LXT treatment, the cherry on the top. All the LXT range are specially coated in an LXT treatment, making the glove both oil and water resistant. This means you can use your LXT gloves in dry, oily and wet conditions (an all-round amazing range). 


This blog might end here, but the reasons to choose LXT don't: browse our brochure to find out more.

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