26 August 2020

What makes us different?

What makes us different?

Here at Traffi we are the hand protection specialists, but why and what makes us different?


We are the originators of the colour coded safety glove system making it our mission to reduce workplace hand injuries and help companies to save money. We applied the principle of low, medium, and high to our cut-resistant work gloves and created the RED, AMBER, GREEN colour-coded system, its simple, visual, and memorable.


Not only do we strive to make safety simple we endeavour to provide you with the most innovative and up to date products and technology to ensure you are supplied with the best protection and comfort. In January 2019 Traffi launched a highly innovative Life Extending Technology (LXT) range which allows wearers to:  Do more. For longer. The LXT range boasts a triple wrapped core to provide stability to the cut resistance fibre and provide the wearer with impressive comfort and dexterity.


Traffi has responded to the global pandemic by introducing TW050A, and TDS600. TW050A is 70% alcohol wipes to kill germs and clean surfaces, and TDS600 is a hand and glove solution which is alcohol free, proven to kill Covid-19, and compatible with gloves from out LXT range. 


As a team we pride ourselves on upholding our core values: working with integrity, innovation & collaboration, passion & drive, wowing every customer, and getting stuff done. These core values govern our team each and every day as we strive to provide you with the best service and safety.





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