22 December 2020

What has Traffi Achieved in 2020?

2020 has been a difficult and challenging year for many companies, however we thought we would reflect on the past year and recognise what we have accomplished despite these tough times.

Make an Impact

2020 started with a bang with Traffi launching its first new product for 2020 in January! We were thrilled to introduce the TG5545 a cut level E impact glove, designed to reduce the risk of crush or fracture hand injuries. The TG5545 has raised ridges strategically placed at common impact points to keep you safe without compromising dexterity. It also has a sandy nitrile foam palm dip, which offers excellent grip in wet and oily conditions.

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Hygiene products

Moving forward to July Traffi recognised that keeping people safe in the workplace now includes virus protection and launched its next new product, TraffiDual protect, which formed the base of our hygiene product range. Following close behind came Traffi’s very first wet wipe range featuring: TV100, TW040 and TW050.

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Towards the end of September Traffi launched its final new product of 2020, the TG5580, Traffi’s first leather glove providing protection against vegetation, thorns, and brambles!

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Just as we started 2020 with a bang, we’ve ended it with an even bigger bang…

Traffi’s biggest accomplishment for 2020 was completing a project which has been 5 years in the making, resulting in Traffi becoming Carbon Neutral, and introducing the Worlds First Carbon Neutral glove range!

This means at no extra cost, your LXT glove has zero negative impact on the environment. Not tomorrow, today.

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